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4 Types of JEJUON Cuthera Refreshing Mask registered on Europe CPNP 2018.04.27


4 types of JEJUON Cuthera Refreshing Masks(Camellia, Mandarin, Hyaluronic Acid, Canola Honey) which utilize Curcuma grown in Jeju and resources obtained from land of Jeju are registered in Europe CPNP.
CPNP is the certification system controlling stability of the product as it has to pass 7 different tests. Applying to all products distributed in European market, CPNP registration is mandatory for all products exported to European market.
Registered products utilize Jeju Curcuma which is known for controlling inflammatory, antioxidation, and trouble care as well as various resources grown in Jeju Island. 100% unbleached cotton sheet also minimizes the skin irritation.
4 products registered on CPNP already obtained China CFDA hygiene license may now be exported to China and 28 different countries belong to European Union.