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Completed addition of 'HAION' European Cosmetic Certification (CPNP) 2018.06.26

Completed addition of 'HAION' European

Cosmetic Certification (CPNP)

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HAION, a premium marine cosmetics brand based on Jeju Island's marine material, recently completed its European cosmetic system, CPNP registration, and is now ready to enter the European market.

The CPNP certification system, a European cosmetics certification system, is a system for controlling the safety of cosmetics that must pass seven tests including a microbiological test. It applies to all cosmetics distributed in Europe and can only be exported to the European market if it is registered with CPNP.

The HAION product, which has completed the addition of CPNP, is a toner and emulsion in the 'Premium Red Peptide' line, a wrinkle-improving functional cosmetic product containing peptides extracted from Jeju Natural Red Sea Cucumber, which is highly regenerated. 'Premium Red Peptide' It is a product line with patented technology of wrinkle improvement function. It has proved its stability by completing skin hypoallergenic test by Korea Dermatological Research Institute.

Five Premium Red Peptides with CFDA sanitation and Russian EAC certification will be registered with CPNP and can be exported to 28 countries of China, Russia, EU (EU) and 4 countries of EFTA (European Free Trade Association) Strengthening the competitiveness of its products in overseas markets.