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[Beauty Nury] KBIDI Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 22716 2018.01.15

KBIDI Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 22716

[보도자료] (주)대한뷰티산업진흥원 ISO 22716 인증서.jpg

KBIDI Co., Ltd. (President Kang Youan) manufacturing and distributing natural cosmetics made with Jeju Ingredients with its second factory located in Bio Convergence Center in Jeju received ‘ISO 22716’ Certification.

ISO 22716 international guideline for cosmetics manufacturing system, ingredients management, quality control, etc.

As KBIDI Co., Ltd. obtains ISO 22716, it follows global guideline for its manufacturing stability, trustworthy product manufacturing, and quality management. In such way, it strengthened its competitive edge in the market. Especially, as increasing number of countries such as Europe, china, East Asian nations, and USA considers ISO 22716 as mandatory condition for import of cosmetics products, it is highly likely that KBIDI Co., Ltd will expand its export market.

KBIDI Co., Ltd. stated that ‘Our technology, and overseas certification such as China CFDA (23 products), Russia EAC (4 products), and ISO 22716 will make synergies in overseas marketing. As we will add products in lists of various overseas certifications such as CPNP, we will try to build trust to our products.’

KBIDI Co., Ltd. has its 2018 greeting with keywords, communication, enthusiasm, and take off. Throughout the event, each department has announced its annual plans and direction. KBIDI Co., Ltd. has also assigned Professor Yoon Kyeong Seop at Jeju University as nonexecutive director for adding quality to its product development and improvement.

[보도자료] (주)대한뷰티산업진흥원 2018년 신년 워크숍-임직원.jpg