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23 products with ingredients from JEJU received China CFDA Hygiene License 2018.02.02


China is one the biggest target market. Obtainment of China CFDA Hygiene License is the biggest part of having strong competitive edge in the market.


KBIDI Co., Ltd., a natural cosmetics company from Jeju is one of the rookie in the market. The company is holding 23 CFDA obtained products. With 30 years of expertise in the market, it has expertise, technology, and trust worthy ingredients which make the differentiated products with proven quality.


Especially, KBIDI Co., Ltd. sources its main ingredient from its own curcuma and herbal farm and develops its own products at natural substance lab belonging to KBIDI Co., Ltd. As it has been selected as promising export firm, KBIDI Co., Ltd. is ready to be a global company.


KBIDI Co., Ltd. is growing rapidly as they develop its own technology. The effort presented 4 different patents related to curcuma, a main ingredient of JEJUON and red sea cucumber, a main ingredient of HAION.



JEJUON Cuthera Refreshing Mask 8in1, a representative patent related to curcuma applied product


KBIDI Co., Ltd. operated two different brands, ‘JEJUON and HAION’. JEJUON utilizies JEJU curcuma which is known for anti-inflammation, brightening, and anti-oxidation. HAION utilizes marine ingredients, especially red sea cucumber which is known for brightening and wrinkle improvement. Both brands minimize the skin irritation by using natural ingredients including natural preservative, natural aroma essential oil, naturally derived surfactant.


Recently, HAION Premium Red Peptide collection received CFDA and it will expand KBIDI Co., Ltd.’s expansion in Chinese market as the products are getting huge attention. The products may be found at premium aesthetics and beauty select stores.


HAION Premium Red Peptide Collection recently receive CFDA


Staff at KBIDI Co., LTd. stateds, ‘As CFDA becomes mandatory in the Chinese market, buyers won’t event look the products without the CFDA. Our aim is to list every single products in CFDA obtained products’


KBIDI Co., Ltd. also receive ISO 22716 certification at its second factory and strengthened itself in the market competition. As many of the countries including China require 22716, rapid growth of the company is expected