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Aiming of receiving CFDA for every product. Kang Youan, president at KBIDI Co., Ltd. 2018.02.02

“China is not an easy market. But you have to keep the market as your main target. The market has explosive energy with cultural and logistics background.”


Presidnet Kang Youan at KBIDI Co., Ltd. stated ‘As this year is our turning point, we will stabilize ourself in the Chinese market’

Q&A with President Kang

- What is the trend in Chinese Market?

You cannot summarize the market. Because it is big continent, there are big differences in tendencies by region. In some area, there are a lot of demands in moisturizing. In the opposite area, customers only look for make-up items. Generally, there are increasing demands in natural cosmetics products. As the demand increase, drug stores and retail stores look for the natural cosmetics products and shelve them. It is results of higher taste of Chinese consumers and advanced technology.

- What are the products with China CFDA hygiene license?

Total of 23 products received hygiene license : JEJUON Cuthera Refreshing Skin Care products (Wash Powder, Toner, Serum, Cream), 8 different masks, Horse Oil Collection(Cream and Mask), Cleansing Gel, Haion Premium Red Peptide Collection, and hand creams.



- What are the strength of the products?

Our key ingredients are natural substances obtained in Jeju, the clean and preserved area of Korea. Especially, we source our key ingredient of JEJUON by operating our own curcuma farm. We also have 2 patents with production of cosmetics with curcuma. Also, we collectively work with women divers in the area as we use marine ingredients collected by local women divers such as red sea cucumber and pearl layer. We also possess 2 different patents with red sea cucmber related to its wrinkle improvement and brightening. We will put more efforts in developing new ingredients and technology.

- What is the most difficult part in receiving CFDA?

The process and regulation becomes more and more difficult. Reason for rejection varies from ingredients, product name, etc. With Thad issue last year affected the process as well. The issuance of the CFDA takes at least 6 month to 1 year these days whereas it usually took 4~5 months.

- What is your strategy in targeting the market?

Recently, we had MOU agreement with The Map group in china and it accelerated the expansion in the market. In Chinese market, horse oil products are still in the boom. Also, our hand cream triple kit is receiving attention with its unique design and ingredients as it contains more than 90% natural/naturally-derived ingredients. Recently, we’ve found fake products. HAION premium Red Peptide Collection is also popular in the market. You may find our products in various distribution channels as we are expanding channels.