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[Aving News] KBIDI Co., Ltd. will present cosmetics for brightening. 2018.04.20

KBIDI Co., Ltd. has presented its brightening collection at MIK Beauty Matching Convention in Jeju. KBIDI Co., Ltd. has received patent for its ingredients and production of brightening cosmetics with Red Sea Cucumber. With the product, its growth in Chinese, Japanese, and East-south Asian market is expected as preference for brightening is high in such markets.


Its brightening collection may receive attention in the overseas market with HAION Premium Red Peptide Collection, a wrinkle improvement line, with red sea cucumber. With patent for the product and its ingredients, KBIDI Co., Ltd. has received big applause last year.


KBIDI Co., Ltd. has 5 patents as well as China CFDA Hygiene License (28 products), Russia EAC(4 products), Europe CPNP (3 products), and ISO22716 and its technology and overseas certification may bring synergy effect in overseas market.


KBIDI Co., Ltd. owns and operates its own manufacturing facility and markets 30 products under its brand JEJUON and HAION.


MIK Beauty Matching Convention in Jeju invited buyers from Vietnam and provided opportunities to meet and discuss Jeju Cosmetics Company to enter Vietnamese market.